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Eat Right, Live Right!

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    It is not unheard of that living right goes hand in hand with eating right. Some would say that what you feed your  body  food wise is just as important as what you feed your body spiritually. Recently I have gone back to my vegetarian regimen because I feel that it goes in line with my Meditations and Christian practices. I also believe that what we put in our bodies has a great effect on the type of lives that we live because food is the reason and cause for so many diseases today. I feel it necessary to eat in a way that lines up with what I believe spiritually because I want to enjoy this life I have been given. In order to live good we have to eat good.

    Some may feel that what you eat has little to do with spirituality, but try telling that to those of Muslim religion or other religions that believe that it is wrong or bad to consume certain foods. Since I have changed my regimen I feel that I am more focused during my spiritual practices. Lots of Christians and other religions fast in order to get in line with what they believe spiritually or to seek spiritual guidance. What we put in our bodies is very important. Eating in a way that helps us get in line spiritually is definitely worth a try.

    Atlanta has so many different food venues that it is not hard to find something that fits your regimen or lifestyle. Recently I have found a café that was founded on Buddhist principals which I am currently practicing, the name of the café is World Peace Café. World Peace Café is located at 220 Hammond Dr. Suite 302 in Sandy Springs Georgia, World Peace is primarily staffed by people of Buddhist faith; most of its workers are volunteers from the Rameshori Buddhist Center. The café serves vegetarian cuisine that is delicious and is organic as well as locally grown; the café prides itself on being a place that offers loving kindness and respect for all beings which are Buddhist principals. World Peace believes that through developing world peace in the mind that the necessary factors for world peace will be developed, the proceeds from the café supports the Rameshori Buddhist Center’s efforts to bring world peace. 

    I felt that World Peace Café was a very peaceful and relaxing atmosphere and I recommend it to anyone that is interested in learning more about Buddhist philosophies and principals. The café offers a touching look into the lives of Buddhist; it gave me a better sense of what I am hoping to gain through my own meditative practices. Though I am not of Buddhist faith I believe their principals go hand and hand with what I believe as a Christian. World Peace strives to develop peace for the world that we live in and the proceeds go to support just that, stop by or volunteer but the experience of visiting is definitely rewarding.

    World Peace offers relaxation meditations and engaging discussions with American Buddhist monk Gen Kelsang Mondrub followed by dinner and dessert, every Thursday @ 7pm. Volunteers that are interested in helping out at World Peace Café should contact them today at or call (404)256-2100