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Eat Pray Love: Well worth the journey

Eat Pray Love
Eat Pray Love
Columbia Pictures


  • Profile picture of deedee
    deedee 5 years ago

    Well said, sister goddess!

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    Loved the review. Just have an issue with one thing. You say women in their 20 and 30. Why not all women no matter the age.

  • Whitney Jackson 5 years ago

    I loved it : ) Im 21 and My Fiance left me in May.. The biggest favor he ever did me.. You inspire me in so many ways.. i am learning to love myself first.. And you have helped me through a lot.. Thank you so much!

  • Benji J. 5 years ago

    I fully intend to go see the movie now that I have read your review. Your review is so fascinating I have no choice but to watch the movie to see if it compares. Thanks for your amazing writing .

  • Profile picture of Diane Eblin
    Diane Eblin 5 years ago

    Going to see it as soon as possible, also eager to read the book.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    I thought I was alone on this kind of journey.. great to find more people into it! Beautifully written.. i will definitely watch the film here, still on the 24th Sept though. =)

  • Leigh Anne 5 years ago

    Love Mandy's article on EPL! Would love to post this article to my FB account for my other single friends to read. Please let us know how we can post her work to social networking sites. Thanks!

  • Profile picture of Mandy Hale
    Mandy Hale 5 years ago

    Yes. Absolutely! As long as you credit me, please feel free to post away!! :) And thank you! ~Mandy

  • Profile picture of olivia
    olivia 5 years ago

    Sounds like a really great movie. Though I am married I probably won't get to see it til it comes out on DVD, but I'll definitely put it on my list! Your thoughts on the movie, and on life in general, makes me think of all I've been through. So many women get lost in the day to day life and follow in our husbands, or even boyfriends shadows, and lose site of who WE are. Its sad to think that so many women find themselves in this "trap". We have to realize that we deserve the best in life. God didn't make us to suffer. He made us to be glad and rejoice, to celebrate ourselves. The sooner each of us realize this, and take the necessary steps to chase our dreams and live to the fullest, we will then and only then, know true happiness.

  • Emily @glitterveins(twitter) 5 years ago

    I am currently reading Eat Pray Love, then I will see the movie. The first 10 chapters made me cry a LOT! ahhhhh

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