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Eat more snacks to lose more pounds? What?

Healthy snacks
Healthy snacks

There’s a constant battle brewing in the Bluff City – Weight Loss!!!

All sorts of resources are available to help those in need, so why is the battle not won? Perhaps wrong tactics and ill-advice play a role.

As a Memphian who’s always on the lookout for health and fitness advice, I run into a lot of interesting and intriguing articles that make pretty good sense.

As a student of health and fitness who’s constantly trying to better myself and as a Holistic Coach who people turn to for sound advice and instruction, I discover sometimes what looks good on paper doesn’t always work in the real world – especially when it comes to Memphians and their food and beverages!

One particular theory that keeps popping up is that snacking in between meals helps to lose weight.

One such article caught my attention this morning:

Snacking Healthy: Add Snacks to Subtract Pounds

This type of article is one that makes me ask: “What kind of advice is this?”

It’s interesting and intriguing and at the same time… reckless.

Control your hunger by eating more!

Eat every other hour of the day because God forbid you get hungry!


Telling individuals with eating disorders to eat more is like telling a smoker to smoke more or start smoking a lighter cigarette between the regular to quit smoking!

It’s like telling an alcoholic to drink more or only have half a drink between drinking!

I understand the science behind this theory, and totally grasp how it should work. However, it’s forgetting some very important and real dilemmas: The human factor and the psychological impact of food.

Many are addicted to unhealthy food and beverages. Individuals with weight issues typically do not possess the correct disciplines to take on this type of advice. They’re already having enough trouble sticking to good intake choices at meals. This advice adds more temptations and entices them to reach for those “poor quality” snacks that they crave! I’ve seen many succumb to this tactic and spoil their programs! (It’s happened to me!)

Snacking typically makes us hungrier! You eat enough to get fired up, but deny the satisfaction of feeling full. This will lead to excessive snacking and the un-disciplines trying to be avoided!

My personal and professional advice on losing weight through diet restrictions – Forget the snacks!

Take snacks out of your health vocabulary!

When you eat fruit, eat it 15 minutes before and make it an appetizer with your meal!


  • Melinda Lancaster 5 years ago

    I've been trying to shed a few pounds recently and am finding it more difficult than in the past. While doing some online research I've read many opposing views.
    Thanks for clearing this myth up, J.

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