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Eat more and lose weight

You read right, eat more often and lose the weight for good!

 Most fad diets are designed to meet a temporary need, but increasing meal frequency while decreasing quantity and stabilizing the calorie count, is a plan that can have lifelong benefits if you stay committed.
One of the biggest mistakes people make in dieting is missing meals or simply waiting too long to eat. The “starvation stage” can kick in and have a negative effect on your body’s metabolism slowing it down significantly. When the metabolism slows down, an increased amount of body fat is stored. The “starvation stage” can also cause binge eating, which can really pack on the pounds.
Another popular mistake is consuming large meals. The body tends to retain more of the calories from a larger meal, because of the extra time required to process the necessary nutrients and purge the excess. Of course, the extra calories will convert to fat when stored. Eating more meals in smaller amounts will speed up your metabolism since your body will not take as long to burn it up. A sudden and severe daily calorie restriction can also slow the metabolism rate, so be sure to eat sufficiently to feel full, not stuffed.
Success results in forming a habit of eating smaller, healthier, more frequent meals. Try and commit to this practice for approximately six weeks and you will find it much easier to eat well and lose the weight!