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Eat me when you are feeling blue: Natural snack to ease depression and cognition

Days go by and people can feel that they are in a rut. Things aren’t going the way they should or they way you would prefer them to. You might be feeling a little blue inside or suffering from more serious conditions like depression or poor cognition.

Eat nuts and cure the blues!

There is a natural snack that you can much on to give your brain that boost to improve your memory while it also improves your neurotransmitter functions. It can also ease the symptoms of depression on a minor level and get you out of that mood of feeling sorry for yourself or wondering why me?

Nuts are the answer!

It is medically proven that just a handful of nuts can help anyone with these symptoms. Nuts can provide folate and vitamin B as well as a high level of omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid. This combination can boost you up and give you a better outlook at your situations at hand.

Walnuts are actually one of the best nuts to aid in releasing your feelings of being blue!

Grab a bag, can or jar of already peeled nuts at the store. Snack on a handful daily and enjoy that nutty flavor and the benefits they provide. Add them into yogurt, chop them into vegetables, mince them up into nut butter and grab some apple slices or celery sticks and crunch away to a calmer feeling.

Eat some nuts and rid yourself of those blues and feel like yourself again quickly!

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