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Eat like a model: Yummy fiber!

Oatmeal is like the tofu of oats! It changes flavor and texture depending on what you add to it. And while instant oatmeal is not the best choice to cultivate your gorgeous model body, the idea below is healthy in every way, and easy to make. Moreover, it can be made the night before so that its ready to go when you need it.

The star of my oatmeal
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

What makes our "model oatmeal" different is that you don't need to add sugar unless you want to because it is naturally sweet on its own.


1. Rolled oats

2. Milk (optional)

3. Water

4. Salt
Get your iodine here! A little goes a long way. Many Americans are iodine deficient and don't even know it.

5. Lots of dried fruit cut into small pieces
Dried fruits are naturally very sweet, high in fiber and nutrients and they have little to no fat. I love dried apricots, blueberries, cranberries, apples and plums (prunes). The apricots are my favorite and they are the star of my oatmeal. They taste like candy!

6. Whey protein powder (optional)
While it is always best to get protein from natural sources, a teaspoon or two will increase nutrient content and keep you fuller longer. It also adds sweetness which is why I use very little because the fruit is sweet enough.

7. Crushed walnuts
These little gems have anti-inflammatory properties and beneficial nutrients.

8. Cinnamon
Research is now saying that cinnamon is able to reduce our bodies negative reaction to eating high fat meals, but it is also rumored to control blood sugar and help you to reduce your body weight.


Follow the package directions on how to cook your oatmeal. I usually boil the oats with half milk and half water instead of all water. Quaker oats suggests a sprinkling of salt if you like. Sprinkle a bit of cinnamon in there because it's supposed to be wicked healthy.

While that is cooking take a bag of assorted dried fruit that you purchased from Costco, Sam's Club or a health food retailer and cut them into bits with kitchen scissors. As soon as you turn off the stove stir in the dried fruit and as many crushed walnuts as you like. The fruit bits will plump up.

As if you needed convincing to eat this delicious treat, researchers say that oatmeal helps people lose weight, lowers cholesterol, lowers cancer risk, and it has protein, iron, vitamins and minerals.

Check out the video to find out other ways to chop sugar out of your tasty breakfast oatmeal!

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