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Eat like a model: The industry hidden "diet" secret

Here's a recipe that will change your life. This week I want to tell you about the disaster that is "diet" anything and let you in on a massive secret that the beverage industry has yet to release. Can it be true that diet sodas are unhealthy?

First, let's look at some statistics. Half of all Americans drink diet soda. Diet soda has been associated with depression, increased belly fat and the aspartame is said to have a link to increased cancer risk.

Regarding our sexy figures though-- is there a simple test you can do that will help you to determine if diet soda makes people fat which is obviously destructive to your perfect model body? YES! And it's easy. I did this test about eight years ago.

This is what you should do. Go to a party and look around you at the people who are drinking diet soda. Chances are you will notice-- it ain't working!

Now to unveil the big secret of the beverage industry--diet soda means "if you drink this crap, you will be on a diet for the rest of your life." Here's an alternative recipe brought to you by The Doctors.

Items needed:

• a big glass
• frozen fruit
• seltzer water
• ice


  1. Fill a big glass with frozen fruit and ice.
  2. Add seltzer water.
  3. Drink up and keep in mind you just did something healthy for your body.
  4. Enjoy not being at risk for depression, cancer and a life time of chubbiness from your drink. You just did something delicious and healthy for your body.

(Disclaimer: Don't drink anything except plain water or green tea before a photo shoot for the flattest tummy.)

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