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Eat like a model: Non-tradition oatmeal

It always baffles me when people say oatmeal can get boring. I have it nearly every day and I have NEVER been bored of it! There are just way too many ways to eat this stuff!

Photo by Cate Gillon/Getty Images

It is not uncommon to meet a young model and hear that they eat oatmeal on a daily basis. Bare in mind, I am not talking about the instant kind. The oats of choice are usually rolled oats which take a tad more effort, but as models are creative in front of a camera, its time to get creative with our oats.

The recipe shown in the video is similar to the most recent Eat like a model: Yummy fiber! article in that it uses natural alternatives to the commonly used and unnecessary refined sugars, and it is delicious and unique.

Apparently, there are tons of ways to sweeten, flavor and re-texture your oats. Some recipe ideas require a splash of coffee, some PB&J, meat and some require baking the oats. In fact, some of what you will see may appear down right radical and even blasphemous! Prepare to have your mind blown.

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6. Spicy Black Bean Burger (with rolled oats)

Just as a caution, some of these recipes are very desert like and should be eaten in extreme moderation, but most of these are quite practical and healthy so that you can spice up you life--starting with your oatmeal.

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