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Eat it, too: Kim and Jake's Cakes, coming soon

Kim and Jake's Cakes, coming soon
Kim and Jake's Cakes, coming soon
Photo courtesy Kim and Jake's Cakes

Sweet tooth I’ve got, but I’m not a cake person. I find few desserts more disappointing. There’s a big exception to this rule, however, and that’s Kim and Jake’s Cakes.

I’ve been lucky enough to sample the fruits of their baking labors even though the construction of their shop, slated to occupy a spot in the shopping center on Broadway and Table Mesa, has been delayed for many months. The contractor kinks seem to finally be smoothed, however, and if all goes to plan, Boulder patrons will be able to get a taste of these delightful pastries at the end of next month.

Kim and Jake learned the baking ropes at some famous spots down south. Since moving to Boulder, they’ve adapted the classics, like red velvet and coconut, to the altitude, and developed a line of specialty cakes that play, amongst other themes, to Jake’s beverage geekiness. My personal favorites include the Mephistopheles, made with Avery’s Mephistopheles beer, and the Negroni, based on one of my favorite classic cocktails. The key to their cakes is the balance of flavor and texture they employ: the cake itself is fluffy yet creamy; the fillings and icings are harmoniously balanced in texture and flavor. And like every good dessert, nothing is TOO sweet.

Kim and Jake have built a substantial fan base in Boulder through their work at weddings and catered events. They’ll continue that line of business once their shop opens to the public and add cupcakes to their offerings so as to cater to those desiring an instant-gratification sugar buzz.

Naturally, this is my first recommendation to friends with upcoming Denver/Boulder-area weddings. And after eating my way through most of the mediocre cupcake shops on the Front Range, I’m eagerly anticipating Kim and Jake’s Cakes becoming a favorite dessert stop. Come opening weekend, I’ll be first in line.

Kim and Jake’s Cakes, coming soon

641 S. Broadway

Boulder, CO 80305


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