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Eat healthier at your favorite restaurants

Family eating dinner at a restaurant
Family eating dinner at a restaurant
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You don’t have to give up going out to eat with your family just because you are watching what you eat. It can be hard going out to eat and having to order something healthy. Sometimes the reason we are going to a restaurant in the first place is to indulge in guilty pleasures. Well if you are serious about losing weight then you may have to change your ways. The good news is that more restaurants are making it easier to be healthier.

Red Robin
They are known for their huge burgers and endless fries but they do have healthier options such as having your burger on a whole wheat bun or wrapped in lettuce with endless salad. Before dining at the restaurant, use the nutrition customizer that is available on the website or through an app for your mobile device. You can modify your favorite Red Robin menu items so they fit within your dietary restrictions. You can also set up a profile and save your meal creation.

Chipotle Mexican Grill
They have always been a healthier option with lots of fresh ingredients. Make your meal even healthier by choosing brown rice or a whole wheat tortilla. Prior to going to the restaurant, visit their website and check out the nutrition calculator. This tool will help with adding up the nutritional numbers for each ingredient of your burrito, bowl, taco, or salad.

Red Lobster
Seafood is a nutrient rich food that is a good source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. For healthier meals, order from the Lighthouse® menu. Visit their website and use the smart meal calculator beforehand to plan your meal. Your nutrition totals are tallied up as you drag an item from the lighthouse menu onto your smart menu.

The Fit Fare® menu has some yummy options such as banana pecan wheat pancakes served with scrambled egg whites and turkey bacon. Decide what you will have before going in and stick to it. Calculate the nutritional value of the meal using their online menu calculator.

Carl’s Junior
Lets face it, sometimes you are in a time crunch and fast food ends up being what is for dinner. Knowing the nutritional value of the food and being particular in what you order is what needs to happen if you are going to eat at a fast food restaurant. Using their online nutrition calculator, you can see how the nutritional value of a menu item can be much better after subtracting ingredients that you don’t need.

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