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'Eat, Drink and be Merry,’ with Bacon and Beer

Great view in Citifield during the Bacon and Beer Classic
Great view in Citifield during the Bacon and Beer Classic
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Christmas isn’t the only time you can “eat, drink and be merry.” Lovers of food and sports were able to delve into a one of a kind experience at the annual Bacon and Beer Classic today at Citi Field’s MET Stadium. Throngs of excited participants indulged in specially selected beers, while feasting on plenty of gourmet delights.

Imagine walking into a room with nothing but bacon- everywhere. This is the idea you should have in mind when considering the lovely featured eats. Scores of restaurants like Wolf Gang’s Steak House and Lexington Brass stepped up to plate with interesting creations, you have probably never heard of. When was the last time you saw bacon cupcakes at your local bakery? Well, we were able to try it for the first time at the Bacon and Beer classic. There was carefully constructed bacon sushi, bacon on a stick, as well as classic bacon milkshakes. Taking on an adventurous experience such as this is certainly not for the faint of heart. By the time you go through eight vendors, you could be full.

What’s food without a great beer? Well-known and independent beer labels like Bad Seed, Brooklyn’s Brewery and sweet-tasting beers like Mike’s Hard Lemonade for the “light-weights,” were made available. Of course there was not a beer in sight made from bacon, but anyone was more than welcome to dip slithers of bacon in their drink to get a unique taste. As always, drinking responsibly was encouraged.

After taking a bite to eat, there were plenty of interactive games to take part of, to help prevent potential beer bellies, like Wiffle Ball, Giant Jenga and Batting Cages. The stadium was literally a playground for grown-ups, where you could bring out your inner-kid, without judgment, while bumping to live music.