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Easy ways to pamper yourself


Having impressed upon you that it is necessary to view yourself as a priority, I thought it a good idea to share some simple ways in which you can do so. I realize that most people do not have an excess of time on their hands, and as such it is not feasible to set aside two hours of time each day to “pamper” yourself. However, none of us is so busy that we can’t put aside at least 30 minutes of our day for ourselves.

Here are a couple of ideas:

1. Get your eyebrows waxed: this is like an instant face lift; it is fairly inexpensive; it does not take long (you  could have it done over lunch); you won’t have to worry about tweezing, which saves you time in the long-run and is one less thing you’ll have to worry about.

2. Get a massage: obviously this is a great way to relieve stress and relax; someone is completely focused on making you feel good; you can “zone out” the entire time; and nothing is required of you save showing up. Note: If there is a massage school in your area, I encourage you to call them up and ask about student massages. One of the requirements for massage students is that they have a certain number of hours of practice before graduation. And, because they are still students, they have discounted prices.

3. Get your legs waxed: you won’t need to worry about choosing outfits based on whether you had time to shave in the morning; waxing lasts a lot longer than shaving; it is one less thing to worry about in the shower; plus, who doesn’t love the feel of silky smooth legs.

4. Get a manicure: you can pick from dozens of colors of polish you don’t have at home; you not only end up with nice nails but you get the added bonus of a hand massage (if the nail technician is worth their snuff); it does not take long; it is relatively cheap.

5. Get a pedicure: your feet will be soft and smooth; you get to choose a favorite color of polish; the added bonus here is that you get a foot massage (mmmm); and if the technician is really talented, you could end up with some pretty cool foot art.

6. Get your hair done: a new hairstyle has the ability to completely change your appearance, and you deserve to have your hair done (at least once each year) by someone who really knows what they are doing. I’m not talking about the cheap chains that charge $10 for a haircut. Find someone that has the ability to look at you and know what will be flattering to your features (cut, color and style), and give them free reign. Note: I would recommend that you do some checking before you choose a stylist—ask to see their work and watch them work. A bad hairstyle will not do anyone any good.

I know that it can seem impossible to squeeze even 30 minutes out of the day for yourself, but each of the ideas listed above (except getting your hair done) will take about 30 minutes. They may seem like silly ideas, but you might be surprised at what a big difference these things can make. Before you protest, give it a try. Believe that you are worth the effort…because you are.