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Easy ways to avoid wrinkles

JuveRest the Sleep Wrinkle Pillow
JuveRest the Sleep Wrinkle Pillow

The simplest way to keep wrinkles at bay is to be vigilant and have a great skin care routine. If you have seen Victoria's Secret and 7 For All Mankind model Miranda Kerr and ever wondered how she is able to achieve such a beautiful glow the search is over.
Here her facialist Ildi Pekar gives us her some of her best DIY tips for keeping your face looking it's absolute best. "These can give your skin the proper boost it requires to stay refreshed in between visits to your esthetician," says Pekar.

Pillow Wrinkles Buh-Bye

DIY-use silk or satin pillow cases and try lying on your back to help prevent creases from forming while you sleep. When you get up in the morning, wash your skin with luke warm water and massage it for stimulation since poor circulation can lead to wrinkles.

Best Buy- there are also products on the market that can help you keep your nightly cream on your face and reduce your contact with fabric from your sheets which can add grooves to your epidermis. Try JuveRest the Sleep Wrinkle Pillow.

Reduce the Puff

DIY-in a cup of warm water add 1 organic chamomile tea bag and soak it for five to ten minutes. Remove from water and squeeze out the excess water. Ensure that the temperature will not burn your skin and apply to under eye for five minutes.

Best Buy- if you are afraid of burning yourself then use Orogold 24K Anti-Aging Hydrophilic Gel Mask, their cool strips will quickly reduce inflammation.

Stimulate Yourself

DIY-blend cucumber and Mint then soak a cotton ball in the mixture. Apply liberally to face. Leave it on as you would a mask for 15 – 20 minutes.

Best Buy- to help minimize the look of lines try Boscia Tsubaki Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask works while you are dreaming so that you get up looking like you were on holiday.

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