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Easy Valentine's Day crafts to do as a family

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Homeschooling should include all subjects, not just math, science, social studies, and language arts. It is equally important to do physical education, music, and art. Art can be especially fun around a holiday. There are so many crafts and art projects that showcase what a holiday is about. With Valentine's Day coming really soon, it's the perfect time for crafts that are personal, have hearts all over them, and feature colors like pink, red, and purple.

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The younger children, especially, have fun with arts and crafts. It helps them with their motor skills and develop their creativeness. They can learn to cut out shapes with kid friendly scissors. Or, if they are not quite comfortable with cutting yet, they can work on drawing their hearts. It feels more like a game to them than school.

Valentine's crafts can be used alongside language arts lessons. Have them write their own messages out on the valentines. It will help them be verbal, get out their feelings on paper, and how to spell and write. The younger children will need more help than the older children.

Valentine's Day can be a holiday to teach children about giving and about love they have for others. They love their siblings. They love their friends. They love their pets. They love their parents. They love their grandparents. They love almost everyone they are close to and all in different ways. It's a great time for kids to make things from their heart and give it to the people they love to show the person in their life that they love them.