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Easy to make recipes for your Valentine's seduction

Stumble upon love when you least expect it
Connie Rice

The most hyped holiday of the year for couples is approaching quickly and it's time to make plans to ensure your sweetheart is feeling the love. The first step is to figure out your partner's main love language, ie the way he or she feels your love the strongest. Whether it's physical love, words of love, quality time, acts of kindness or service, or gifts: one of these five is going to make you score the optimal amount of points on Friday, February 14th. This book explains the love languages further: The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts.

In the mean time, here are some recipes that are easy to make and delicious. Cooking a meal for someone falls under the acts of kindness or service category. Sitting down to eat together with no other distractions is quality time. It's the perfect moment to present them with that special gift you found, or tell them exactly how much they mean to you with honest words of love. As for the physical language of love, don't forget dessert!

Simple Cheese Pastry Recipe for the breakfast of love.

Thai Butternut Squash Soup Recipe for the spicy ones.

Honey Teriyaki Glazed Salmon Recipe for your main dish.

Old Fashioned Cucumber Salad Recipe for the vegans and vegetarians.

Circa 1967 Mocha Bavarian Cream Recipe for the Mad Men followers.

Chocolate Cherry Cake Recipe for the chocoholics.

Happy Valentine's Day! Above all, remember to love yourself first and the rest will follow <3

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