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Easy to make DIY Valentine's Day wreaths

Valentines Day
Valentines Day
Photo by ChinaFotoPress/ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images

Valentine's Day wreaths are great for hanging on a front door or hanging inside a home to give a festive look to the home. I love wreaths because they are such an easy DIY craft to make, they can be low cost and a wreath hanging is an excellent décor item.

Valentine's Day is such a fun holiday to decorate for and Valentine's Day craft wreaths are easy enough for children and for adults, they can be as simple as you wish or as intricate as desired.

All the Valentine's Day wreaths featured here can be made using the straw or willow type wreaths found at your local craft store. I typically look for wreaths that are on sale or the lowest cost, regardless of the material the wreath is made from as in most instances the wreath becomes completely covered with the décor items you have chosen.

Here you will find easy ideas for 3 DIY Valentine's Day craft wreaths, with a little creativity and inspiration you may find yourself making multiple Valentine's Day wreaths.

Puzzle pieces Valentine's Day wreath

This is one of my favorite Valentine's Day wreaths to make because it so low cost and it is a great way to recycle those old puzzles that are missing pieces. Using a hot glue gun, layer puzzle pieces on to the wreath so that the wreath has depth to it and a 3-D effect. You will want to glue on multiple layers to make the Valentine's Day wreath interesting, but you will not want it to be too heavy either. Once the DIY wreath is complete and the glue is dry then spray paint the entire wreath a red or pink color making sure all the puzzle pieces are thoroughly sprayed. The last step after the spray paint is dry is to tie a ribbon around the top of the wreath and make a loop in the ribbon so that it is long enough to hang.

Candy Valentine's Day wreath

This is a really fun DIY craft to make and kids love making this Valentine's Day craft as long as they get help from an adult with using a hot glue gun and gluing on the pieces of candy. Any Valentine's Day type candy works well on this wreath, one of my favorite candies to use on this DIY Valentine craft is the small heart candies. It does take a while to glue on the little heart candies but the end result is magnificent, the texture is interesting and the colors of the candy intermingled together give a really interesting effect.

Pom-Pom balls Valentine's Day wreath

Pom-pom balls can be purchased at your local craft store and they come in a variety of sizes, whatever size you choose will work well with this DIY craft. Purchase pom-pom balls in pink, red and white, simply glue the pom-pom balls on to the wreath, making sure to layer the balls and covering the wreath completely. The end result is a fluffy looking festive wreath that is almost irresistible to touch; kids also love making this DIY Valentine craft.

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