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Easy To Grow Houseplants

leafy green plant
leafy green plant
image: morguefile

My last post was about small changes that we can all make to live more naturally in the new year. One of the suggestions was to grow houseplants to improve your health and happiness at home. Studies have shown that simple houseplants can purify the air, improve your health, sharpen your focus and increase attentiveness.

Here is a list of some easy to grow and (hopefully) hard to kill houseplants to help get you started.

Fiddleleaf Fig. This plant is actually a tree, but it can be kept at a reasonable size with regular pruning. It grows tall and lean with deep grean leaves and does well in low light. You're supposed to allow the soil surface to dry between waterings – that's another way to say it's ok to forget about it for a bunch of days.

Snake Plant. Closely related to the Mother-In-Law's Tongue, which I've grown myself and I'm a verified indoor plant killer. These are pretty hard to kill and do well in low to medium light. They can get pretty tall so they do well in big pots on the floor and can be pruned to not grow too wide. If you check out the instructions for the Mother-In-Law's Tongue, you'll note that in the winter you're supposed to water once per month. Set a reminder on your phone and fugedaboudit.

Pepperomia. Large, leafy plants with waxy leaves, these plants can add a huge splash of green to any room. They grow best in low to medium light and is another one that needs the surface of the soil to dry between waterings. It is poisonous to dogs and cats, so skip it if you've got pets,

Chinese Evergreen. Another leafy green plant, the leaves of the Chinese Evergreen are accented with different shades of green, silver, or gray. This plant is hearty and tough and enjoys low to medium light. It is, however, another poisonous plant so skip it if you've got pets or small children.

Green Dracaena. Cute, stripey leaves that can get as big as ten feet tall (but don't worry, regular pruning will keep it to a reasonable size). They do ok in low light, but better with medium light, and the soil needs to dry between waterings.

You may have noticed that these are all leafy green plants. That's because flowers take a considerable amount of work and won't ever fall under “easy”. You can find flowers that are easy when compared to other flowers, but they all require more frequent watering, more light, and more attention in general.

Happy Growing!

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