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Easy summer hair styles from Luca Blandi

Easy summer hair styles
Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

As the summer heat and humidity rages on, it becomes obvious that taming unruly tresses is a losing battle. Look for easy summer styles - effortlessly chic and simple to pull off everywhere from the beach to the boardroom. Here, hair expert Luca Blandi (brother of famed Oscar), shares three of his favorites, designed to keep your locks looking sharp.

1. Create a beachy braid
Use the Oscar Blandi Braid Cream and apply some a quarter-sized amount evenly throughout the hair. Then brush to one side (whichever you prefer) and begin to do a basic braid before tying off ay the ends with an elastic. If a traditional braid is a little too simple for your taste, change it up a bit by creating the trendy fishtail braid. Do this by grabbing an extra piece of hair (4 sections instead of 3) and mimicking a traditional braid motion. For a mussed look pull out some of the middle strands and pull towards your body while pushing the braid away. This will give you casual beach-blown flair.

2. Create a messy bun
Ah! This style is so easy. Use a texturized volumizer to give your hair body and boost. Apply a good amount, especially on the ends of the hair and then scrunch hair with your hands. Brush the hair back into a ponytail and twist it into a knot. Secure with bobby pins. Pull out a few pieces of hair around the face to soften face features. You can also pull a few pieces around the nape of the neck for a feminine twist.

3. A casual pony tail
Use Oscar Blandi Glossing Creme - apply at least a quarter size in palm of hand and starting at hairline pull through your entire head of hair. Then, brush hair back and gather at a high height towards the crown of the head. Secure with an elastic.. Once that is done, apply a texturizing spray in the length of the ponytail and give it some backcombing to give it a messy/casual look.

Chic summer style, fuss-free.

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