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Easy Steps to Format a Kindle eBook

Easy Steps to Format a Kindle eBook
Easy Steps to Format a Kindle eBook

Amazon is the greatest platform for publishing and selling of eBooks, which almost every author choose to take an entry into the world of eBooks, due to its vast network of readers worldwide. The advantages of using Amazon for publishing eBooks is indeed good as they even offer free online tools / software to the authors to get their manuscripts turned into an eBook in Kindle format. It is indeed encouraging for emerging writers, who can put an end to their ‘procrastination’ with regard to presenting their ideas that have been growing in their minds over years - into a book and get it published.

Many writers procrastinate publishing their books, mostly due to the practical difficulties in printing them into a book and published traditionally. Now, the writers could very easily get their books published and marketed through the well-known online platforms like Amazon that offer to help them with various easy options for publishing, advertising as well as selling their eBooks.

Below are the best free online kindle conversion options / tools offered by Amazon:

• Free online eBook conversion service through email
• Calibre software

1. Free online eBook conversion service through email. Through the online conversion option via email, you can send your manuscript in any format like the MS Word, PDF, MOBI, HTML, TXT and so on, which are not DRM protected. Once conversion is done with, the eBook format will be sent back to you by return email, in order to be published by you. To avail this service, you are required to register your email with Amazon at its ‘Kindle management’ page. Then, you should send your document through the specific email ID, which will have your name followed by (example You need to mention “Convert” in the subject line and attach your manuscript file to the email. This is of course an easy and best way to those authors, who want to get their eBook prepared without much of investment. However, if you find any trouble with the output in different reading devices like undesirable flow of text or so, since this is an automated process, the alternative is to outsource your conversion job to a professional kindle conversion service provider.

2. Calibre. Calibre is an eBook conversion, as well as management software. This is quite a good option for the authors to get their manuscripts in any format, converted into the kindle specific format.

Calibre is of course, user-friendly due to its various advantages. It can convert files provided in any format into many eBook formats, while it also supports almost all of the major eBook formats. Moreover, this conversion engine has many powerful features like, capability to resize all font sizes, allowing the output eBook to be readable using any font size by the reader. Further, it creates the Table of Contents (TOC) and Chapters, apart from inserting the metadata of the book, appropriately.

Though the above online tools/softwares are effective enough to meet the eBook requirements at a better extent, to retain the originality of the content that has complex figures, tables and special characters, it is advised to appoint a vastly experienced, well-versed Kindle conversion service provider, who involve manual processes to ensure 99.9% quality, and to retain originality of the complex contents, as automated tools often fail to do this to the mark, which results in messed up tables, images, special characters and so on. To have a high quality eBook, you need to get the processes done with utmost care and attention by a highly efficient, professional service provider. When you choose to find one, check: if they are up-to-date with the latest technology, their credentials and so on that prove their efficiency, to ensure that they are really professional and capable of producing outstanding eBooks.

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