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Easy political activism for gun rights



  • Robert 6 years ago

    I would normally agree with you but I heard about an incident my daughter saw a few weeks ago that made me think. An idiot on a Friday night brought a gun into a bowling alley waving it around. She bowls there on Friday. Naturally everyone ran. The guy thought he was a big man until several uarmed men crept up behind him. It is amazing what several mad guys can do to someone who brings a gun to a place that says please leave weapons in you car. An armed security guard would not do anything or face the man but several unarmed men did and beat the you know what out of him. I am not sure that my being there and having a gun would have done alot except start a shooting war. But several men the wood be shooter dismissed sure taught the shooter a valuable lesson in bravery and in the fact that a gun does not make the man. While I defend everyone's right to self defense at any time I am not sure I would like to go into the bowling alley and see a lot of guns being worn. I collect guns as well

  • Chiburbian 6 years ago

    Robert - not to be a jerk but do you have a news or police report you can link to? If a person did wave a pistol around, then they were breaking the law and endangering others. This has the elements of a urban legend. It is a "friend of a friend," it is a topic of a general uncited nature. It contains a moral lesson (he "got taught a lesson").

    Not saying it didn't happen but if it did the person should be in jail for brandishing a firearm. Unholstering your weapon for any purpose other than self defense (or to put it away/clean, etc) goes against everything I was taught in CCW class. What state did this happen in?

  • Robert 6 years ago

    It is not an urban legend. Both of my daughters were involved as victims in the incident and are witnesses. Happened at Crestview Bowling alley in Carmichael california and reports were taken the Sacramento county sheriif's department. Contact the Sacramento county Sheriff. friday night about two weeks ago. I was not there but several people I know were including my daughters.

  • Gregg 6 years ago

    I have seen a number of your comments on various of these articles. I am sorry but you obviously do not actually support the 2nd amendment and you actually come across as being at least a closet hoplophobe. I am glad that you live in CA and hope that you either stay there or move to Europe where you would obviously be happier with their firearm restrictions.

  • Dan Bidstrup 6 years ago

    Hi Robert,
    I am delighted to see you read my columns. Even if, especially if, you have reservations about people carrying weapons it encourages me that you continue to read. We need to talk "across the aisle" and not shoo off any who are not true believers.

  • John F (Boulder, Co) 6 years ago

    Robert says: "While I defend everyone's right to self defense at any time I am not sure I would like to go into the bowling alley and see a lot of guns being worn."

    Ever hear about such an incident at a biker bar, rodeo, or gun show? If that idiot had known that 1 in 5 random average law-abiding people had a weapon and the wits and ability to use it correctly at the right time, would he have started it there?

    Perversely, security guards can be useless or worse, since they have institutional inertia and liability litigation defense in mind above all. Too often, they'll "observe and report" while evil things happen.

    3 guards watch as teen is beaten

    Even police aren't required to act to defend people, and we have no legal recourse if they fail.
    ("Warren vs District of Columbia", "Deshaney vs Winebago County" for starters)

  • FrankInFL 6 years ago

    I searched for "carmichael crestview bowling alley gun".


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