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Easy mustard crusted tri-tip is a BBQ favorite

Crusty on the outside, juicy and savory on the inside, Clay's mustard crusted tri-tip is a hit at every cookout.
Crusty on the outside, juicy and savory on the inside, Clay's mustard crusted tri-tip is a hit at every cookout.

I must say that it’s very nice to have a spouse who loves to cook as much as I do. And I must also say that my husband Clay has a knack for creating delicious grilled foods that far exceeds my own. For those who follow this column, you may remember Clay’s Grilled Lemon Chicken. Wow. So simple, but so delicious!

Well, he’s done it again. You might think slathering a tri-tip with mustard (and I do mean slathering) and then coating it in coarse kosher or sea salt would make for a roast that is much too salty, even for me—and I do adore salt. But this simple recipe has been tested numerous times with about 50 different people and the reaction is always the same: OMG! The grilling cooks away most of the saltiness leaving the tri-tip beautifully crusty on the outside, juicy and savory on the inside. Another Wow for the Clay BBQ repertoire. So here are the instructions straight from the Master Griller himself:

Clay’s Mustard Crusted Tri-Tip

Take one well-marbled tri-tip (figure 1/2 pound per person), rinse and dry, trim fat if you want but don’t trim too much (the fat will melt into the tri-tip, “self basting” if you like that term better). Let the tri-tip sit out and reach room temperature, which can be done before or after preparing it for cooking. Coat the tri-tip with mustard (really slather the mustard on the hunk of meat). Use whatever mustard you like—cheap store brands work as well as any other type. Liberally sprinkle with coarse kosher or sea salt (the coarser the better).

Prepare charcoal or gas BBQ with high heat on one side and no heat on the other side. Brown the tri-tip over the coals for about 5 minutes per side then move to the indirect heat on the other side of the grill to cook (covered) an additional 20 to 30 minutes or until the meat has reached the desired doneness. A meat thermometer is a big help for this.
Allow to stand 10 minutes and then slice across the grain in slices about 1/2 inch thick.

Thank you, Clay! Serve this delectable hunk of beef with your favorite BBQ fixin’s, or if you’re looking for ideas try Zesty Crockpot Chili, Spinach and Bacon Salad, Secrets for Making a Mean Potato Salad, Cheesy Ranch Sesame Bread, Homemade Strawberry, Peach or Coffee Ice Cream, and many more mouth-watering recipes on the LA One-Pot Meals site that will help make your summer gathering truly memorable.

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