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Easy Last Minute Ideas for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is almost here and while mom always says "Your love is more than enough, " the guilt of going present-less is just not worth it. It's not too late. You still have a few days to shop or order online, so check out a few of the suggestions below to help inspire the gift-giving juices.

A little help to find something special for mom...last The Body Shop.
A little help to find something special for mom...last The Body Shop.
  • The Body Shop: I often turn to The Body Shop when I have a gifting conundrum. Their products smell great, people will use the products, and they have a ton of locations. Also the company is always thinking of great ways to have their customers contribute to making a difference in the world. They have their "Another for a Mother" campaign going on until May 11th where shoppers in the retail stores can donate monetary or product gifts to a deserving mother in the local community. Also if you go to, the site is running a promotion for 30% off specially selected gifts for mom. Then you can use the money you saved to make a difference in someone else's Mother's Day. Also click on the video to check out their Mother's Day video.
  • Finally, I have found the perfect subscription service for my mother. Hair color from gives you the precision and customization of salon color with the cost saving measures of coloring at home. Prospective clients go through a detailed online consultation process to get the perfect color for them. You will get custom mixed color, and you can choose the frequency of auto-delivery to suit your coloring needs. Another bonus is that since it is a subscription service, its a re-occurring gift. That's extra brownie points (I have a sibling; products of multiple child households have to think about these things). So check out for the questionnaire that will pave the way to gift giving one-upmanship...erm, I totally meant to type hair color nirvana.
  • The site has a really great set for Mother's Day with a variety of beauty products. You get free shipping and there is also a code on the site for $10 off the set. Go to so mom can get a little pampering for Mother's Day.
  • Pro Flowers: I know, flowers aren't exactly the most original present. But, if you really want to do a floral tribute to mom, is a simple and cost effective way to go. Ordering is easy, and the site has a variety of arrangements to fit every budget.
  • Thursday Friday: What woman doesn't love a handbag. Get mom a fun Thursday Friday bag so that she can have the luxury bag she has always wanted and you won't have to max out all your credit cards. Besides, mom can fit way more into one of these totes than she ever would in a designer bag. The site is also doing 30% off in honor of all bag lovin' moms. Go to to see their selection for yourself.