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Easy guide to selling on eBay

Learn how to sell on eBay.
Learn how to sell on eBay.
Photo by cytech via Flickr

If you are like myself, you have considered selling items on eBay but did not know where to get started. On that note, here is a quick but comprehensive step by step guide to selling on eBay.

EBay account

The first thing you will need to do is set up an account on eBay. Make sure you have a valid email address, mailing address, and have a unique username in mind.


Once you have logged into the website through your account, click on the sell tab to began setting up for your first sell. Then, choose the category of the type of item you will be selling. Remember; if you want your item to be listed in more than one category, you will have to pay a specified fee.


Once you decide to auction or sell your item, you will need to give it a title. Try thinking of a title that will attract buyers to your product.


Be sure to give a detailed description of what you are offering. Let potential buyers know if it is used and the condition it is currently in.


Be sure to take multiple pictures of your product. Try different light settings, backgrounds, and placing it on tables or floors to see which setting makes your item standout most. Then, upolad the best photos to the item's sale page.

Shipping costs

Let potential buyers know how much it will cost to ship the product. This can be done buy using ebay's shipping estimate calculator.


If you are selling your item, choose a competitive price. This can be done by looking at how much similar items to yours are being sold for.

If you are auctioning your item, start the bidding at a reasonable amount. It is best to start as low as you can in order to get the bidding process moving.

Payment method

After pricing your item, choose the payment method(s) you are willing to accept. You can choose from PayPal, check, or money order.

Return policy

Make sure that you publish an easy to understand return policy. The conditions need to be clear to avoid any possible hassles.

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