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Easy Greenville County Waterfall Hikes

Easy Upper Greenville County Waterfall Hikes
Easy Upper Greenville County Waterfall Hikes
Dan Goodwin

As soon as the mountains present themselves in upper Greenville County, the opportunity for waterfalls exists. The amazing thing is that these waterfalls are no more than 20 miles from downtown Greenville.

Described here are 5 hikes involving 8 waterfalls anywhere from 10 feet to 100 feet high. The hikes are short, no more than a half mile one way. Trails are easy with the exception of one.

All the links in this article are to existing Examiner articles that contain all the detail you need to visit these waterfalls. Please note that, while the trails may be rated easy, a couple of these waterfalls are dangerous with fatalities recorded in recent years.

First, let’s find a hub for our adventures. Taking US 276 out of Greenville north for right at 20 miles will bring you to the intersection of US 276 and River Falls Road. At that corner, you will find Don Forrest and the F-Mart, a local landmark that should not be missed. Great place for hot dogs and, should you be up there early, they even serve breakfast.

The numbers here are based on the map accompanying this article.

1. Oil Camp Falls. From the F-Mart, take River Falls Road to Oil Camp Creek Road, turn left then on to the trail head. This is a rare waterfall known as a “cataract bog.”

2. Ashmore Falls. From the F-Mart, take US 276 north for 2.2 miles to Persimmon Ridge Road. Right on Persimmon Ridge Road for 0.8 miles to the Ashmore Heritage Preserve and the trail head.

3. Slickum Falls. Continue on up Persimmon Ridge Road past Ashmore Heritage Preserve for another 2.4 miles to the Eva Russell Chandler Heritage Preserve and the trail to Slickum Falls. This is one of the dangerous falls. Use care to avoid the wet rock faces.

4. Lower Wildcat Falls, Middle Wildcat Falls, Upper Wildcat Falls. From the F-Mart, take US 276 north for 3.5 miles to Wildcat Wayside. The trail head is to the left of the stream. Upper Wildcat Falls is also known for fatalities. Do not attempt to climb to the top of this waterfall.

5. Last Falls on Slickum Creek, Sweet Thing on Slickum. Using care to stay on the grassy shoulder of the road, walk up US 276 about 100 yards from Wildcat Wayside until you find the culvert with Slickum Creek passing under. You can see Last Falls on Slickum Creek from the roadside. The trail to this waterfall and on up to Sweet Thing on Slickum is to the left of the culvert. Sweet Thing is considered "The Perfect Waterfall." The latter portion of this trail is rated moderate.

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