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Easy fried elephant ears

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Elephant ears are similar to funnel cakes, both are very popular desserts at carnivals and fairs. They get their name from the shape of the dough, it resembles the ears of an elephant. Once the dough is fried it is usually topped with powder sugar and cinnamon. The dough can also be topped with fruit, whipped cream and many other combinations of delicious items. To make elephant ears at home it is fairly easy, by using store bought biscuit dough. By taking biscuit dough and flatting it into a flat pancake shape you can skip all the mixing of the messy flour, and go straight to the frying.

Easy fried elephant ears cooking directions:

1. Flatting biscuit dough into a flat pancake.

2. Heat oil to roughly 375 degrees (or medium high on stove-top).

3. Carefully place the dough into the oil, let cook 30 to 40 seconds, then flip and let cook till golden brown.

4. Carefully take out of oil, place on paper towels.

5. Top with powder sugar and cinnamon (or any topping of choice).