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Easy flawless bridal makeup

When researching why American brides bombard the month of June for saying their "I dos," many researchers share their knowledge regarding why June is known as the "traditional bridal month." Some have shared the cause of high traffic bridal bliss is due to the historical character known as the marriage protector goddess, Juno, while others link the popularity of marital unions for this month to the reliable warmer weather and the full bloom flowers with their hypnotic romantic aroma.

Whether or not your interested in the historical reasons or fables surrounding June as the traditional month of the most weddings in the U.S., brides want to look their very best so let's share some tips and videos with you.


  • When selecting a makeup artist or if the bride applies her own makeup, keep in mind that bridal makeup is usually dewy, fresh, and clean.

  • SPF/Sunscreen protection can cause unsatisfactory results in bridal photos.

    Shimmery or high satin shadows should be limited to the inner corners and specific areas. Avoid frost or minimize the use of frost for the brow bone. An unpleasant magnification of the eye is usually the result of frosty brow bones yet the shimmer and satin can open the eye up when applied to the inner corners of the eye.

  • Bronzers can cause high reflections in photography. It is great if the makeup artist or the bride that is applying the makeup could collaborate with the photographer of what kind of makeup application is being provided and any needed adjustments can be made by all parties.

  • Matte colors are easy and blend well for any age. Older brides should use more matte colors.

    In honor of this tradition, a few video selections of bridal makeup is being provided. Every bride either needs to know how to apply flawless makeup or what to expect from their makeup artist.

    The videos consist of traditional and modern bridal looks as well as different ethnicities




  • Dianne 5 years ago

    I have personally seen your makeup application on my friend's daughter. She looked absolutely stunning for her wedding. I love the article and the instructional videos you included. I will definately pass this along. Will you be adding your own personal videos? You do terrific work yourself.

  • Virginia 5 years ago

    Opened my email and began reading this. Thank you for an excellent selection and diverse range of videos. I will send these out to people I know who are getting married.

  • Alaysa 5 years ago

    dunno why june was big bridal month. good info. videos r pretty good.

  • Tammy 5 years ago

    The beauty editor did my daughter, Jessica's bridal makeup. Her work is flawless and she was more than a makeup artist for us. She helped out with an issue we had with my daughter's dress. Plus the article is good along with the footage.

  • Jeanae 5 years ago

    hey Ms Trina
    like what u wrote
    did know bout juno and why people wed a lot in june
    like videos

  • Nammie 4 years ago

    thks... I am a makeup artist and have to do an Indian wedding. I am so glad you have a variety of looks. thanks again

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