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Easy flawless bridal makeup


  • Dianne 6 years ago

    I have personally seen your makeup application on my friend's daughter. She looked absolutely stunning for her wedding. I love the article and the instructional videos you included. I will definately pass this along. Will you be adding your own personal videos? You do terrific work yourself.

  • Virginia 6 years ago

    Opened my email and began reading this. Thank you for an excellent selection and diverse range of videos. I will send these out to people I know who are getting married.

  • Alaysa 6 years ago

    dunno why june was big bridal month. good info. videos r pretty good.

  • Tammy 6 years ago

    The beauty editor did my daughter, Jessica's bridal makeup. Her work is flawless and she was more than a makeup artist for us. She helped out with an issue we had with my daughter's dress. Plus the article is good along with the footage.

  • Jeanae 6 years ago

    hey Ms Trina
    like what u wrote
    did know bout juno and why people wed a lot in june
    like videos

  • Nammie 5 years ago

    thks... I am a makeup artist and have to do an Indian wedding. I am so glad you have a variety of looks. thanks again

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