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Easy exercises to keep in shape during the busy holiday time

Keep your waist line and enjoy these with the exercises!
Keep your waist line and enjoy these with the exercises!

As we get closer to the end of December, the days just get busier for all with shopping lists, holiday parties, wrapping gifts and baking cookies. So who has the time to get in a workout or two? Unless you live at the gym, here are a few tips to stay in shape over the holiday season:

Cardio in unexpected places

Carrying all those bags through the mall is a great way to get some cardio. The extra weight in your hands makes walking a little more difficult, and before you know it your heart rate is rising. Keep a brisk pace to keep your rate up and you will start burning some extra calories.

Still decorating the house? Going up and down the stairs to retreive them from the basement or attic will get your heart rate up and tone your leg muscles at the same time.

Toning around the house

To get a really good burn going in your legs on the stairs, take them two at a time up, and then jog down. Repeat both for five minutes and before you know it, you will feel it.

Take two full water bottles (wine, or cooking oil) and bring your arms overhead. Lower your arms behind your head until they touch your back, thne raise back to the top. Repeat 12 times to tone the back of your arms so they are dress ready for parties.

Take the same full bottles and bring them downin front of your legs, palms facing up. Curl up to your chest and lower back to start. Repeat 12 times to keep your biceps toned when you are busy.

There are lots of ways to stay in shape outside the gym during this busy season; get creative around your house and you have an easier time getting back into it come January and the new year.


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