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Easy Easter side dishes

Easy Easter side dishes
Easy Easter side dishes
Kristin King

Easter dinner typically consists of a beautiful ham and the usual potato and pineapple side dishes. This Easter, spruce up your dinner table with a few easy side dishes that are sure to wow your family and friends.

Side dishes should complement the ham (or lamb) that you’re making as an entrée. All of these recipes will be a great match with either meat, and will break the monotony of most Easter meals.

  • Pancetta wrapped roasted green beans – Pancetta, Italian bacon, is wrapped around small bundles of fresh green beans. Once roasted, the green beans are tender while the pancetta is crisp and delicious.
  • Sunchoke and potato mash – Sunchokes, also known as Jerusalem artichokes, looks like a ginger root but tastes like a mixture of potatoes and water chestnuts. Combining both starches results in a sweet and savory side dish that is easy to make and makes you look like a gourmand.
  • Southern collard greens – Slow and low is the name of the game with this recipe. With few ingredients and hardly any hands on time, it’s the perfect side dish for Easter. These collard greens are made with ham hocks for a wonderful porky flavor. Don’t forget to serve with some pot liquor!
  • Rosemary and garlic Hasselback potatoes – Small potatoes are cut into an accordion shape and stuffed full of garlic, rosemary, salt and pepper. The outside is crisp while the inside of the potato is soft and fluffy. Not only are they deliciously easy to make, they make for a fantastic presentation!
  • Grilled artichokes with lemon and garlic vinaigrette – Artichokes are halved and grilled and lightly drizzled with a wonderful lemon and garlic vinaigrette. This perfectly balanced side dish will complement any meat and the vinaigrette can even be used to dress a side salad!
  • Sweet potato biscuits – Ham on a sweet potato biscuit is a classic southern treat. Eat these warm with butter during your Easter meal or make a cold sandwich the next day with leftover ham.