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Easy Easter egg decorating using scrapbook stickers

Use scrapbook stickers for an easy and mess-free way to decorate eggs
Use scrapbook stickers for an easy and mess-free way to decorate eggs
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Decorating Easter eggs is a lot of fun. Plus, it’s great to have colorful eggs around the home to help celebrate the season. But as anybody who’s tried it knows, dyeing eggs can be an absolute mess! If you have small children around, or just don’t want to risk a dreadful spill, consider using scrapbook stickers for a mess-free way to decorate eggs. It couldn't be much easier and the results are beautiful.

Pastel colors work well for the season. Stickers of baby animals, birds, butterflies, flowers, nature elements, decorative swirls and dots are great choices for decorating Easter eggs.

It’s best to use smaller stickers because larger stickers will get lost on the rounded shape of the egg. Thin border strip stickers can work, but keep in mind it might be hard to match up the ends if you try to wrap the stickers around the egg. You can always stick another sticker on top of a border strip to cover up an area where the ends don’t meet perfectly. Or, you can cut a border strip into pieces and put the pieces around the egg with planned spaces between each piece.

Make sure eggs are room temperature before applying stickers. Stickers do not adhere well to eggs fresh out of the fridge.

Happy egg decorating and happy Easter!