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Easy creamy pasta sauce ideas

Do you love everything pasta? Looking for a quick fix on the go? There are countless ways to make plain pasta noodles taste great. Here are a few sauce ideas to try for cooked pasta.


Mix cream cheese with milk, butter and parmesan cheese and a pinch of salt.

Garlic Cream:

Mix cream cheese with milk and fresh minced garlic and green onions.


Mix cream cheese with milk, black pepper and cajun seasoning.

Add white wine in place of some of the liquid or even vodka or tomato sauce. Throw in some veggies or meat or chopped hot peppers to make it your own. Fresh herbs also make a great addition to the sauces. Try fresh parmesan grated over the top of the finished entree!

You will need for every single box of pasta...(I don't know I'm not in my kitchen, just free flowing so I may update the amounts later on. I know not much help, but really you have to just eyeball it. Meaning, go with what looks right and makes sense. It's that simple.) For example if it looks too thick, use more milk or a little oil. No taste? Add some more seasoning. Too watery, add more cream cheese or start over. If I am guessing, which I am, I would say start with 1/2 of a 8oz package of cream cheese (I may use 1/2 at times and sometimes a the whole 8 ounces, it all depends on what and how much I am making) and equal parts milk (or less? Just pour slowly and see if you need it all. hehe :-) ) and go from there. I don't remember the exact amount but when I make this sauce again I will remember to pay special attention to how much I am adding and update this blog. I typically use about 1 or more teaspoons of salt for the sauce. The amount of sauce you make should be enough to cover the pasta adequately.

Just a quick recipe idea, hope to hear yours. Comment below. I will update soon with more quick ideas. Enjoy!

Stay tuned for my shrimp and crawfish etoufeeeeeee!

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