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Easy breakfast burritos

Healthy breakfast burrito
Healthy breakfast burrito

There's nothing simpler than creating a savory breakfast burrito. When feeding a crowd create a breakfast burrito bar full of deliciou,s healthy ingredients. The guests will love filling their tortillas and creating their own masterpiece for breakfast.

Breakfast Burrito Bar

Begin with a pan full of diced potatoes and eggs.

Heat up a healthy vegetable oil with a high heat tolerance and toss in diced onion, diced green chili, diced potatoes and fry until all the potatoes are browned. One fresh or frozen package of potatoes should be sufficient.

Whisk together 6 eggs with plenty of salt and pepper until frothy. Stir the eggs into the potatoes gently and let the mixture get brown on the bottom. Use a spatula and flip potato and eggs once or twice. Top with shredded Monterey Jack cheese to taste. Salt and pepper to taste.

While the potato and eggs are browning and the cheese is melting, dice up two large avocados, and two large organic tomatoes. Set aside avocados and tomatoes in separate bowls.

Heat 12 soft taco size, flour tortillas right over the flame until warm not burned.

In a frying pan cook one pound of good, center cut, maple smoked bacon until brown and crisp. Blot bacon with a paper towel and with kitchen scissors cut bacon into bite-sized pieces. The Fresh Market and Trader Joe's have good choices for bacon.

Microwave heat a box of organic, brown rice from Trader Joe's and place in a bowl.

Heat up refried, black beans with jalapenos from Trader Joe's.

On a bar or table set out pan of potatoes with eggs, chilis, and cheese, avocado, tomatoes, bacon, beans and rice, a tub of spicy pico de gallo, hot taco sauce, heated tortillas and sour cream.

Guests will love this breakfast treat with a kick. Enjoy with a spicy Bloody Mary.

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