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Easy and practical D.I.Y #mikehacks for summer BBQ's

The smell of BBQ is in the air along with the smell of chlorine and that means one thing, it's finally summer! Well it will be in a few weeks anyway but why not jump the gun and learn a few hacks and tricks to make throwing your next barbeque or pool party easier? Mike's Hard Lemonade Co. has released a series of mini tutorial videos called 'mikehacks' designed to make pool parties, bbqs and even picnics more fun this summer!


Created by Mike's Hard Lemonade Co., the 'mikehacks' are lifestyle hack videos that are easy to do and/or create. Having a picnic and want to make s'mores but don't have a huge bonfire? No problem! Make a Bitty-Q out of a can of Mike's Hard Lemonade. Have some kiddie pools you no longer use? Turn it into a flavor fountain to fill up with your favorite drinks! Don't know what to do with all those leftover Mike's Hard Lemonade cans? Turn them into candles!

It doesn't stop there with the #mikehacks. You can take an empty six pack bottle container and convert it into a utility belt and even use Mike's Hard Lemonade to season your chicken. If you want to entertain your guests with music but your iPhone or smartphone is not loud enough, use a can of Mike's Hard Lemonade to make a woofer for increased volume. At the end of the day when evening has set in, take those bottle caps and use them to play a round or two of Cap Shot.

Grant Thomas 'The King of Random' has come up with some unique #mikehacks that can be seen on his video 'Homemade Fire-starters for Backyard BBQ's'. In the video Grant Thomas shows you how to make mini fire logs out of Mike's Hard Lemonade cans and boxes and how to use potato chips to start a grill! Grant Thomas also has some pretty unique lifestyle hacks like making instant ice and self freezing soda that along with #mikehacks you're sure to have the best BBQ ever!

To learn more about Mike Hard Lemonade's #mikehacks visit, their YouTube site by clicking here or their Tumblr site at If you have a #mikehack of your own, go ahead and submit it at for your chance to win cool prizes all summer long!

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