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Eastside Cincinnati monthly meetup Sunday

Dungeons & Dragons cartoon cover
Dungeons & Dragons cartoon cover

The Eastside Cincinnati RPG group from the Southwestern Ohio Gathering of Gamers meets the third Sunday of every month. This group meets at Eastside Games N Cards in Milford starting at 1 pm. A different game is played every month.

On Sunday April 17th the group will host Retro 80’s Game Day. Three different gaming tables will be available with three different games to play. Two of the games actually are from the 80’s but the third is fits the genre regardless of its release. One table will showcase Ghostbusters, a classic game and movie from the 80’s. The second table will have Dungeons and Dragons based off the cartoon version of the same name. At the third table will be Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangeness, which is the actual title of the game.

Gamers are encouraged to come in their favorite 80’s clothing style or band t-shirt. Prizes will be given to those who look the part of an 80’s gamer, voted on by all those in attendance.

Currently there are 16 gamers attending and more spots are available. A good time will be had by all who attend.