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Easthampton showcases the weird and weary: Jandek and The Grimm Generation

With their odes to the illicit pleasures of suburban hook-ups and bad relationships that end ostensibly in child support payments and visitation schedules (as well as the first hand experience of “past-tense” sexual tension amongst the band’s principals and the insidious seductive balladry that marks the duo’s songwriting skills) — Windsor, CT.’s, The Grimm Generation, are taking chunks of New England captive — city-by-city with their music that's reminiscent of X and Velvet Underground with various detours into folkie-swamp blues and torch-like existential post-pop.

The Grimm Generation play the Cellar Bar, Eastahmpton, Mass., September 16

If that incredibly long run-on sentence doesn’t make you cringe or at least make you take notice of their awesomeness, perhaps nothing will.

The Grimm Generation returns to the Cellar Bar in Easthampton, Mass. this Friday for their second western Massachusetts appearance in less than six months. Expect the duo of Jason Krug (guitar and vocals), and Carmen Champagne (vocals) accompanied by Dave Hogan on lead guitar to rip through selections from their latest apocryphal recording, The Last Record Party. The Grimm Generation is one of the few indie bands to roll out ol’ fashioned music videos to coincide with the release of singles off their new recording. You should check out their videos which would’ve been wicked popular on MTV in another era. The show starts at 9:30 p.m.

On a different tip, a true musical outsider (10x’s more than Daniel Johnston or Jad Fair!), Jandek is not so much recognized for a outro-musical or performance presence, but rather a slow burn cult career recording “difficult” music for a very specific audience (read — “geeky, bespectacled, balding white men”). His primitive “white-man blues” has been discussed and dissected for the past three decades, with some critics considering his music as one of the “last great works” of civilization. You be the judge of that.

Reputedly from Providence, RI, but based in Houston, TX — the individual or man behind the cult of Jandek is rumored to be Sterling Richard Smith, a 66 year old transplanted Texan who’s cultivated a sizeable and rabid following with his shadowy image. Jandek releases his music (over 30 “hand-made” albums since 1978) through the cryptic Cordwood Industries which can only be contacted through a P.O. box in Houston. If only Michael Jackson had taken his cues from Jandek, the world would be a different place.

Jandek has played only a handful of gigs in the past 30 years, each one is a historic event worthy of a Wikipedia citation. On October 1st, Jandek plays at the Flywheel in Eastampton, Mass. His backing band for this show will be comprised of local musicians whose identities are being kept secret. At press-time, Flywheel has specific instructions for obtaining tickets to this event, so you have to visit their website for information.


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