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Eastern Ukraine Votes For Russia

Eastern Ukraine Votes For Russia
Eastern Ukraine Votes For Russia
Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

Two Provinces of Eastern Ukraine voted on joining Russia rather than staying within the boundaries of the Ukraine. Donetsk and Luhansk voted whether to stay in the Ukraine or join the Russian federation, but here is the problem, does Russia want them? Russia has not come out in favor of recognizing the votes even though they are overwhelmingly pro-Russian.

This time Russia is not saying one way or another to accept the vote like they did with the Crimea. When the Crimea vote was taken it was immediately accepted and everybody was happy to be going home to Mother Russia. This time the militants who have been causing all the ruckus have been doing it on their own and without the help of Russia.

Weeks ago when the group known as the People's Republic of Donetsk started to take over government buildings most everyone including Kiev did little to put a stop to it. When Kiev started to move on the militants they were not able to remove them from the captured buildings. Other instances started to take place in the Eastern Half of the Ukraine and in some cases Kiev was able to take back the buildings that were being overrun. The two provinces of Donetsk and Luhansk seemed to have been taken over by the militants and are acting as if they are their own separate governing bodies rather than being part of the Ukraine.

The Ukraine will be voting on a President come May 25 but the two provinces have said that they will not allow the vote to be taken in their respective regions. Which is a total slap in the face to Kiev. Interim President Turchynov has stated that the votes recently taken will not be looked at as being valid. All parties including Moscow have said that negotiations need to be held between all parties but no one seems to be budging on setting any time to sit down and talk.

The problem is not going to just go away. You have to many people who have been allowed to become part of this process and no one knows where to go from here. Good Luck.