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Easter: What Does It Really Mean?

What Does It Really Mean?
What Does It Really Mean?
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Easter is here and folks may have shopped for the sharpest outfit for church, prepared the best Sunday’s dinner, decorated the fanciest eggs, or just simply took care of the things needed for Easter.

Although those things are really exciting, fun, and tiresome at the same time, we mustn’t forget why Easter is celebrated and who we’re celebrating. For those of you who say “What’s the big deal about Easter and why do people celebrate it?”

Here’s a quick summary of “What does Easter really mean?” Easter Sunday is a very important day for Christians because Jesus Christ’s resurrection is celebrated on that day.

According to the Holy Bible, Jesus was raised from the dead after being crucified 3 days prior to Sunday which was on a Friday. The Friday of his crucifixion is also known as “Good Friday.”

Jesus died for the sins of mankind so they will have eternal life with God. In honor of his death and rebirth; many Christians celebrate Easter to thank the Lord for what he’s done and forget not how he did it.

As for why eggs are a big part of Easter. The Romans believes that all life comes from an egg. However, Christians considers eggs to be the seed of life, fertility, and rebirth which is why eggs are a symbolism to Easter.

Many Christians also practice dying to their own sins on Good Friday only to be raised days later completely reborn and given a new life without sin.

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