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Easter vigil and day story time

The day before Easter is a fun filled planning day to prepare for a colorful day with eggs and baskets. The time the day takes to prepare a batch of eggs is less than an hour. The fun just begins when the dye is dried and the candy is being placed in each basket. For some the candy might me a chocolate bunny and jelly beans and marshmallow treats. For others their baskets might be filled with whoopers and Snicker's bunny's. What ever a basket brings is what the Easter vigil time is remembered for. The days when shopper's first began to shop for each candy item for each special basket to be made will rest until the bright day arrives in the morning (Observed Calendar, 2014).

The day of Easter is upon you with more colorful fashion and neatly dressed family's getting ready for sermons and eggs hunts. The precious season to remember is more sweet with each candy swallowed event shared and egg colored shells cracked open. When the family's are ready to share a ham dinner with pie slices later the colorful time with the set table is with napkins and flower centerpieces. Each filled basket, Easter outfit or flower will then bring a color memory for years to come. For the shoppers and the egg hunters might be ready to become the cookers and the table designers the next year. These are the colorful times for fun about the Easter Vigil and Day of Easter can share (Observed Calendar, 2014).

Sharing the day with loved ones is the most colorful part Easter vigil and Day is honored for (Observed Calendar, 2014).

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