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Easter Sunday: then and now

Holidays tend to be a traditional celebration for most families, but there are those families who for any number of reasons break from those traditional celebrations to create their own unique family event.

Meli Lawson (Licensed Social Worker) and Winston Brown (Independent IT Consultant) who moved to Lawrence, Kansas from Utah in November of 2011 with twelve year old Keesen, ten year old Jass and four year old Kashler, are one of those families who have broken with their childhood traditions to make Easter less about material items and more about family time. As Meli states, "As a child, I would have expected an Easter basket. We have gotten away from that because I want the focus to be on families and blessings, not candy and treats."

Curtis (Funeral Director) and Amber (Benefit Specialist) Foley, along with nine year old Halle and three year old Addison, adhere to Easter practices that Amber remembers as a child. Her memories are about coloring eggs in old coffee cups filled with differing colors of dye. Her father colored the prize egg and the family would take the colored eggs out of the refrigerator Saturday evening so the Easter Bunny could hide them the next day. Amber says she and her sister and brother would then find a basket of goodies on Easter morning.

Amber says, "I remember being scared of a giant bunny coming in my house, so I would snuggle up in my sister's bed."

She adds that husband Curtis and she carry forth the same tradition and that Curtis takes his role in coloring the prize egg very seriously.

What do they do when their two daughters come to them worried about the Easter Bunny coming into their house?

Amber responds, "I can't help but sympathize with them and let them in with open arms."

Whether families hold to traditional family practices or break from them, the theme for Easter is family time.


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