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Easter Sunday 2014: What is closed on Easter Sunday?

Easter 2014 with the sign of the cross
Photo by Scott Paulson

Easter Sunday is April 20 and many businesses that are usually in operation on Sundays will be closed or have limited hours in observance of the Christian holiday. Regardless of what has been posted, it is a very good idea to call ahead before shopping on any holiday to see if your local businesses have made any last minute changes and perhaps have gone rogue from what their chain of stores is doing.

A variety of online posts regarding business’ openings and hours on Easter Sunday have been used to compile the following list.

The following businesses have announced that they will be "closed" on Easter Sunday:

Best Buy


Chick Fil A is closed every Sunday in observance of the Sabbath


Target: Some stores will be closed while others will have limited hours

Malls: Some malls will be closed but many will be open. Call before visiting

Staples: Some likely to be closed but not all

Banks – even those that are usually open on Sundays such as TD Bank- are closed, but ATMS and online banking is available, including Bank of America, Chase, and Citibank

Credit Unions

Gas stations: Many gas stations are closed at many locations


Restaurants are often closed on Easter Sunday, while many are open with limited hours, a different menu than usual, and elevated prices

City Halls

Federal offices of all types

State offices of all types

City offices of all types

County offices of all types

Again, it is extremely wise to call ahead before heading out to do business on Easter Sunday because many businesses are closed. Additionally, some business do not reopen until Tuesday after closing for the holiday. Therefore, putting in a phone call or checking online before going to a business on Easter Monday is also highly recommended.

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