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Easter skits and plays, part 1

Nick and Joe script - free
Nick and Joe script - free
K Applebee from TeachersPayTeachers

Easter plays and pageants have their roots in the Catholic Church during a time when the vast majority of the population could not read and mass was conducted in Latin. Easter or Passion plays presented the sacrifice of Jesus Christ in form ordinary men and women could understand.

Nick and Joe
K Applebee from TeachersPayTeachers

Today the tradition continues in churches and schools. Some dramas take the form of shorts skits (see accompanying slide show and free resources listed below) while others are elaborate musical dramas involving hundreds of cast and crew.

One such play in the Hampton Roads area is Lift Him Up, produced by the Kempsville Christian Church in Virginia Beach. Five evening shows are planned on April 12th, 13th, 18th, 19th, and 20th beginning at 7 pm. Admission is free but seating is limited. Contact the church at 490-3925 for more details.

Check out these free Easter scripts from Fools for Christ.

  • Mizpah -follows the lives of best buds Dexios and Ehud, zealots at the time of Christ. One becomes a believer; the other remains a skeptic, even as they are crucified on either side of Jesus. Run time 14 minutes, 2 characters and a voice of Jesus.
  • Nick and Joe - a 10 minute script for 11+ characters. As they prepare Christ’s body for burial, Nicodemus and Joseph remember their interactions with Jesus and regret keeping their faith a secret.
  • Last Supper Servants - Five scenes from Luke 22 and John 13 & 14. Jesus washes his disciple's feet and institutes the Last Supper.

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