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Easter party for kids

"Hoppy" Easter!
"Hoppy" Easter!
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HOP to it! Plan an Easter Party with friends or family and it’s sure to be an EGGS-travaganza!


  • Fold Invitation to fit inside a plastic Easter egg surrounded by Easter grass.
  • Write the guest(s) name on the outside of the egg with a permanent marker.
  • Invitation Wording: “Hop Over for an Easter EGGS-travaganza! (Date). (Time). (Place). It will be EGGS-tra special if you can join us! RSVP (Phone #). Please bring your own bunny basket & one-dozen filled eggs per child for the egg hunt.”


  • Easter baskets & eggs
  • Inflatable & stuffed bunnies
  • Astroturf or sod grass as tablecloths
  • Pastel balloons (decorate balloons with permanent markers to resemble Easter eggs)
  • Bubble Machine (Kids will LOVE to chase the bubbles)
  • Pastel or Easter themed paper goods
  • Jellybeans tossed like confetti on tables
  • Jars full of jellybeans, Peeps and other Easter candies
  • Sidewalk chalk: Let guests decorate your patio and driveway with Easter themed chalk drawings.


For an Easter Breakfast:

  • Pancakes (use a bunny shaped mold)
  • Donuts with pastel sprinkles (Donut holes are always a favorite treat!)
  • Fruit (Carve a watermelon into a basket and fill with a variety of fruits)
  • Bananaberry Smoothies (Strawberry yogurt, frozen strawberries, banana & orange juice)
  • Orange Juice (Mimosas for the adults!)
  • Pastel colored hardboiled eggs

For an Afternoon Treat:

  • Easter Basket Cupcakes: Frost cupcakes green and top with jellybeans. Bend a pipe cleaner to become the basket handle.
  • Lemonade
  • Carrots (with the tops on!)


  • Guessing Jar: Fill jars with jellybeans or other Easter treats. Closest guess wins the jar of candy!
  • Fill the Basket: Teams relay race with Easter eggs balanced on spoons to be the first team to fill their basket.
  • Bunny Hop (3 Ways to Play): Change Simon Says to “Bunny Says Hop…(3 times, forward, side-to-side, etc.)” Or, play Freeze Dance to ‘The Bunny Hop’ music. Or, play Red Light, Green Light, but guests must hop as they race.
  • Pin The Tail on the Bunny: Played like “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” but with a cotton ball and a picture of an Easter Bunny.
  • Spring Has Sprung: Write “My Favorite Thing About Spring is…” on a poster board. Hang pens from ribbons for guests to write their ideas.
  • Easter Egg Hunt: Ask guests to help with the egg hunt preparation by bringing one dozen filled eggs per child. Have multiple egg hunts, separate hunting areas by age group, or set a limit of number of eggs that can be collected by each guest to keep it fun for all ages. Afterwards, have the kids hide the eggs for the adults and watch the competition get fierce!


  • Decorate Eggs: Draw designs on plastic eggs with permanent markers and decorate with glitter glue, stickers or rhinestones. (At a family party, have each guest secretly select a name and decorate an egg to represent that person. Display all of the eggs and have guests guess who each egg represents.)
  • Dye Eggs: Prepare hardboiled eggs ahead according to dye package instructions. Large Trash Bags can be used as aprons by cutting holes for the child’s head and arms. Be sure to line the work area with plastic tablecloths for easier cleanup.
  • Bunny Ears Craft: Cut 2 large ovals (ears) and a strip (headband) out of white cardstock. Size the strip to fit around the child’s head like a crown. Decorate the oval ears with pink crayon and cotton balls. Glue or staple the ears onto the headband.
  • Decorate Baskets: Add green pipe cleaners as handles to strawberry baskets (or use premade baskets or buckets). Decorate with artificial flowers, rhinestones, foams shapes, stickers and ribbons using glue dots.


  • Jelly Beans & Peeps bunnies with a tag: “Jelly Bean Kisses & Bunny Hugs From (Name)
  • Sidewalk Chalk “Carrots” (Line a plastic gift bag with a piece of orange tissue paper, put in a piece of sidewalk chalk, tie with green ribbon and Easter grass to create a carrot top)
  • See’s Candy Easter treats
  • Mini erasers (or other small items) hidden inside plastic eggs (Bears, Buddies & Toys and Wee Loft)
  • Bunny shaped bubble necklaces or other Easter-themed toys & trinkets (Oriental Trading)

Check your local City listings, and for special Easter Egg Hunts and Events throughout Orange County

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