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Easter (Part 2)

Is-tar is said to have kept a pet bunny which laid eggs. Bunnies are renowned fertility symbols because of their own ability to procreate. Baal worshipers would roll eggs in the blood of slaughtered infants to dye them. Is-tar herself was said to have been hatched from an egg dropped into the Euphrates River from heaven. Because Ta-muz was killed by a wild boar, Is-tar commanded the followers of her cult to eat a sacrificed pig on Is-tar Sunday. She also instituted an annual forty-day fast to mourn her son. (

(As a footnote to the link above, we are not to have intercourse during a woman's menstruation, probably because pagans believe it is a time of power for the woman and practice it as a “sacred” thing.)

By partaking in these activities, the participant is actively engaged in these pagan rites and worship of false g-ds. An argument is given that Christianity cleansed these practices by renaming, or giving new symbolism to them. However, in the eyes of the Father, it is still pagan worship, for He knows the original meanings and finds them detestable. Will you continue to ignore the commands of the Father and follow pagan idols, or will you turn from your ways and commit to only the Creator? We are commanded “Come out of her my people” (Revelation 18:4). How long will you ignore His will?

To find out more on this article, use a search engine such as Bing or Ask. There is a small, growing movement in the Wapello County and Jefferson County area to remove pagan traditions from Christianity. To find a meeting, text or leave a message at 641-451-1111. Peace in the Savior.


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