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Easter eggs for early math skills

The Easter bunny will soon bring beautiful eggs for the upcoming holiday's egg hunts in backyards and community egg hunts. Decorated eggs can be used to introduce early math skills such as patterning, sorting, and learning the concepts of small, medium, and large.

patterns and colors
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If you are dying your eggs at home, you have the opportunity to choose a variety of patterns for your eggs. You may choose to dye your eggs with polka dots, stripes, or a variety of sticker shapes that are available in craft stores. Dye several eggs with the same patterns and have your child match the patterns. Create two eggs with each pattern with stick-on shapes and have your child find the eggs that have the same pattern. You may also create an easier matching activity with eggs of the same color. Dye two or more eggs with the same color and have your child line the eggs up in a pattern. Example: Pink, yellow, green, pink, yellow, green.

A sorting activity can be created by sorting all of the eggs that are the same color or have the same pattern.

Learning the concepts of small, medium, or large can also create an activity for sorting small eggs, medium eggs, and large eggs in the same basket.

There are several choices in Sarasota on April 19th for family-friendly egg hunts.

*The Children's Garden will host an egg hunt, with doors opening at 9:45 and egg hunting will begin at 10:15. You are invited to bring your lunch and enjoy the gardens along with the Easter bunny. The Children's Garden is located at 1670 10th Way in Sarasota. You may call 941-330-1711 for information about the egg hunt event.

*There will be a family-friendly egg hunt at Nokomis Park in the Sarasota area on April 19th. Prizes for all will be offered in a variety of categories. You are invited to bring your own basket. You may find information about this egg hunt at The Sarasota County Parks Services is sponsoring this egg hunt along with the Nokomis East Homeowners Association.

Use this Easter holiday to introduce some easy early math skills along with the excitement of egg hunts. Check out the included video for ideas in creating egg patterns.

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