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Easter Eggs 101: How to decorate eggs using paper punches

Paper punches and card stock have long been popular staples in the crafting community, especially with scrapbooking enthusiasts. They also make wonderful additions to your Easter egg decorating supplies. Small punches, such as butterflies and flowers, create extra cute three dimensional eggs.

Paper punches can be used to create adorable three dimensional Easter eggs



  • Hard boiled, wooden or blown out eggs
  • Small paper punches, such as butterfly and flower
  • Colored card stock
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Seed beads or pearls, if desired
  • Toothpick


Color or paint eggs beforehand, letting them dry completely before progressing. While eggs are drying, punch out a variety of shapes (approximately 25-50 per egg, depending on the amount of egg you want to cover). When ready, apply a small dab of melted glue to the back of each punch out and carefully place it on the egg. Allow all of the cutouts to dry completely, then gently lift the wings or petals away from the egg using a toothpick, creating a three dimensional decoration. If desired, glue a seed bear or pearl to the center of each flower for more pizzazz.


  • You can randomly place the punch outs for a more loosely flowing design or group them closer together for a flurry of activity.
  • For a beautiful ombre effect, use punch outs from the same color in different hues to create a flow of color, ranging from dark to light.
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