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Easter egg manicure: 4-step nail art tutorial

Easter egg nail art design completed in 4 steps
Easter egg nail art design completed in 4 steps
Photo by: Janel L.

If you’re interested in a festive, spring and Easter appropriate nail look, this Easter egg manicure is perfect for you. Not only is it cute and simple, it can also be completed in 4 straight-forward steps.

To complete this Easter egg manicure, you will need a base and top coat of your choice and yellow, pink and purple nail polishes. In addition, you will also need a dotting tool and striper nail art brush for creating the designs.

1. To begin, apply a thin, even layer of the clear base coat of your choice to all of your fingernails. Allow it to dry completely.

2. Next, polish all of your nails with your yellow nail polish. If needed, add additional coats of polish for a more opaque and pigmented color.

3. Once the yellow polish dries completely, use your striper brush and pink nail polish to create two zigzag lines horizontally across each nail. Create one towards the base of the nail, and the other towards the tip.

4. Use your purple polish and dotting tool to create a line of dots directly above each zigzag line. Finally, seal your Easter egg nails off with a clear top coat for a shiny, long-lasting finish.

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