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Easter egg crafts: How to blow out eggs for your Easter egg tree

Intro: I love Easter egg crafts. Eggs have such a beautiful shape in my opinion. They're delicate and lovely and make lovely decorations like the Easter egg tree. In this tutorial, you'll how to blow out eggs to decorate your Easter egg tree with.

Easter egg crafts: How to blow out eggs for your Easter egg tree
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Easter Egg Crafts: How to Blow Out Eggs

I first learned how to blow out eggs when I was a kid. I still remember how I broke a couple of eggs in the process, the triumph I felt when I finally figured it out and how pretty the Easter eggs were when I was done with them.

Because I love drawing, graphite was my art medium of choice to decorate my eggs with. I drew little flowers, bunnies and other Easter motifs onto my eggs and colored them in with watercolor paints when I was done. It gave me such a good feeling to decorate these Easter tree decorations.

Here's how you blow out eggs for your Easter egg tree:

For these Easter egg crafts, you'll need:

  • 1 to 2 doz. fresh, uncooked eggs
  • 1 straight pin
  • An egg blowing tool (optional)
  • White vinegar
  • Cotton balls
  • Empty egg cartons

How to Blow Out Eggs:

  1. Dab your cotton balls into the white vinegar and rub the egg shells down with the vinegar to clean the shells off and to make it easier to dye the eggs (if you go that route).
  2. Get out a bowl. Make sure it's large enough to accommodate all the eggs you blow. You can use the eggs to make Easter recipes such as a cheese souffle, chilaquiles or an egg casserole.
  3. Pierce each end of the egg with the pin, making one hole bigger than the other.
  4. Use your egg blowing tool to blow the yolk and whites out of the eggs. Blow them into your bowl. Note, some egg blowers include a needle tool at the end, so adjust these instructions for how to blow out eggs accordingly.
  5. Wipe off any yolk or whites that get on the eggs.
  6. Put your emptied egg shells into an egg carton for safe keeping.

How to Decorate the Eggs for the Easter Tree

  1. You can hand-decorate this Easter egg craft like I did. I took a very sharp pencil and drew my designs on the egg shells. If you do this, you'll want to spray on a fixative so that the graphite doesn't run when you add the paint. I use Krylon when I'm working with graphite, but you can use whatever brand of spray on fixative that you like.
  2. Paint the eggs with watercolor paint or acrylics. You can also decorate them with sequins, fake gemstones and other craft items to make them look like Faberge eggs.
  3. Be careful! These Easter egg crafts are fragile. If you hold too tight on the shells, they'll break. It's good to make extras to decorate your Easter egg tree with.
  4. Look for beautiful branches to hang your eggs on like pussy willy branches, flowering tree branches such as lilacs or forsythia or other types of twisting trees.
  5. You can also blow out the eggs the traditional way. If you do this, blow into the small hole so that the egg yolk and whites come out the big hole at the end. It's easy to hold the eggs too tightly when you're doing this, so be gentle if you use this method.
  6. If you're still not confident about making these Easter egg crafts, watch the video that accompanies this article for further instructions.
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