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Easter earthquake in Baja California felt in L.A.: local web site offers shared stories


While celebrating Easter Sunday on April 4, Los Angeles citizens experienced the effects of a 7.2 (preliminary) magnitude earthquake in the Baja California region of Mexico at 3:40 pm Pacific time.

Damages reported in Mexico include street flooding, ruined homes, power outages, and retail spaces littered with broken items.  One fatality in Mexico has been communicated to US media at this time.

Baja California is a popular vacation getaway area for Angelenos, and the Passover/Easter/Spring Break holidays may have increased American travel south of the border.

Dr. Lucy Jones of CALTECH/USGS was interviewed after the quake, saying she anticipates 5.2 magnitude aftershocks over the next few days in Mexico.  The possibility of a "trigger quake" at 6.0 magnitude may happen in Los Angeles in the coming days, as well, according to Dr. Jones.

Los Angeles citizens are encouraged by local news station KTLA to post messages and photos on the KTLA-5 web site, to share the experience and information.  Submissions to that site may appear on the Channel 5 newscast.

AP Photo/US Geological Survey

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