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Easter dinner recipes: Cooking lamb chops, leg of lamb + side dishes

Intro: Many traditional Easter dinner recipes call for lamb, whether it's for lamb chops or leg of lamb. Additionally, this meat is a treat for many people, so finding the right side dish will help bring out all the flavors of your Easter meal.

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This leg of lamb recipe mixes the flavors of lamb with the seasoning power of garlic and lemon. It also asks for you to cook vegetables like red potatoes, carrots and peas right in the dish, making cooking leg of lamb for Easter dinner much simpler.

Cooking lamb chops with rosemary is a nice way to make individual portions for your Easter dinner recipes. In addition to the rosemary flavoring, you'll add some apricot or peach preserves and Dijon mustard for a nice holiday dinner treat.

Glazed carrots are an excellent side dish for your Easter dinner recipes. Since many people cook both lamb and ham on this holiday, these veggies work well with both. These glazed carrots recipes include orange glazed, honey glazed and maple syrup glazed carrots. Delish!

Steamed asparagus is a lovely, simple side dish to serve with your lamb chops or leg of lamb. Asparagus is a spring vegetable and graces many tables during the Easter holiday. This steamed asparagus recipe also includes instructions for hollandaise sauce.

Roasted asparagus is another excellent side dish if you're wondering what to cook with lamb. This one features fresh roasted asparagus with shavings of Parmesan cheese.

Sweet potatoes are some of my favorite lamb side dishes. I often make this mashed sweet potatoes with maple syrup recipe for the fall and winter holidays, but it's yummy with your Easter dinner recipes as well.

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