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Easter dessert ideas: How to make carrot cake (recipes for your Bunny Day)

Intro: If you're looking for Easter dessert ideas, think about learning how to make carrot cake. There are a variety of carrot cake recipes (carrot pineapple cake, raw vegan carrot cake, carrot ginger cake) that you can make for your bunny day. You can even portion the recipe for homemade carrot cake into cups for Easter cupcakes for school celebrations before the holiday or to serve at your holiday brunch with friends and family.

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Carrot Cake Recipe From Scratch ~ Trying Your Easter Dessert Ideas

As I've often mentioned in this column, I come from a food and restaurant family. Though the pie case at Lakey's Cafe, my family's restaurant, was usually full of just that, pies, there was the occasional homemade carrot cake recipe.

I can still taste the tangy carrot cake frosting recipe, a yummy cream cheese icing with little shavings of carrots on top or sometimes carrot-shaped icing, complete with green stems.

I can remember unwrapping from the plastic cellophane and eating it with a side of vanilla softie ice cream that came from the machine in my aunt's restaurant. It was so moist, sweet and tasty that I could never imagine the carrots that I ate for dinner with a bit of salt and pepper could make such a sweet dessert.

Of course, because of the popularity of rabbits on Bunny Day -- AKA -- Easter, carrot cake recipes have become synonymous with the holiday.

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How to Make Carrot Cake From Scratch ~ Easter Dessert Recipes

Despite loving it, I never really wanted to learn how to make carrot cake until I found the fully raw vegan carrot cake recipe that's featured in the video on this page. Mostly, because I was curious. It's definitely yummy, but not the only carrot cake around.

This nice thing about carrot cake recipes is that you can use a homemade recipe to make an Easter cake from scratch, but you can also make Easter cupcakes from the recipes.

Below, you'll find a list of different carrot cake recipes. One will teach you how to make pineapple carrot cake. Another will give you instructions for ginger carrot cake. Still another for traditional carrot cake.

And I'm sharing with you my own recipe for cream cheese icing, which makes an excellent carrot cake frosting recipe.

Try them all. Find the one that you like the best. Just a side note, the vegan carrot cake recipe in the video comes with its own recipe for carrot cake frosting.

Pineapple Carrot Cake

Ginger Carrot Cake with Marscarpone Frosting

Easy Carrot Cake Recipe

Buffy's Recipe for Cream Cheese Icing

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