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Easter craft ideas: How to make an easter tree (gift ideas)

Intro: Easter egg trees are some of the funnest Easter egg craft ideas to try in my opinion, and they make great Easter gifts or decorations for your home. I learned how to blow out eggs when I was still just a kid. At the time, I didn't realize you could do more with these Easter crafts than just paint pretty things on the eggshells, but it turns out that you can actually put together these Easter tree ornaments and decorate the branches of a tree or bended twigs just like you would your Christmas tree.

Easter egg crafts: How to blow out eggs for your

What You'll Need For This Easter Craft Idea:

  • Tree branches -- look for pretty branches like pussy willow, weeping willow or forsythia. If you don't have those, find branches that are twisty and interesting-looking.
  • Blown out Easter eggs
  • Glue/ glue gun
  • Ribbon
  • Fabric flowers or sequins
  • Glass vase or decorated coffee can
  • Easter candies leftover from your Easter baskets
  • Scissors

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How to Make an Easter Tree:

  1. Cut different lengths of ribbon for your Easter tree decorations.
  2. Glue the ribbon to the small end of your Easter eggs and then put a small fabric flower on that spot. Or if you're going for a Faberge look, add a sequin to your Easter tree ornaments. Allow the glue to dry.
  3. Put the branches into the coffee can or vase. Arrange them so they look pretty. Pour candies into the bottom to keep them in place. You can try a variety of Easter candy for this. As well, you can put some of the Easter grass in the bottom for effect and stick a chocolate Easter bunny or two on the top of the heap.
  4. Tie your decorated Easter eggs to the Easter egg tree.
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